The pulsanting heart of the country's Afro-Brazilian community has an energy that few cities can match. We have incredible experiences for you!

Food & Drink

Salvador Street Flavors 

This tour has been uniquelly designed to make foodies taste the most originals street food of Salvador while enjoy the ocean breeze.

From $45/person . 3 hours


Quilombo: maroon community

This tour gives an experience with traditional quilombo communities, led by the Griôs (the person that have kept the knowledge of the traditions). 

From $135/person . 8 hours


Black Salvador: walking 

Black Salvador walking tour takes you to the heart of the African diaspora in Brazil. You will be led to an enlightned walk beyond the history of slavery.

From $40/person . 4 hours

Food and Drink

Salvador Street Art & Food Tour

Visit a community ( favela ) from a cultural perspective of art, food, and joy! Meet Dona Suzana featured on Latin America Street Food on Netflix.

From $65/person  . 3 hours


From above: helicopter tour

Seen from the sky, you capture uncovered landscapes of Salvador, which makes the city even more wonderful.

$880/flight . up to 4 people

All Inclusive

Salvador Resort Trip

The resort is located on the famous Guarajuba beach, only 60 kilometers from Salvador da Bahia and a dozen kilometers from Praia do Forte.

From $490/per person . 3nights 

Food & Drink

Afro Market Tour

São Joaquim Market is the vibrant and busy commercial area well located in the lower city, facing the All Saints Bay. 

From $30 /person . 3 hours


Island Vibes: sailboat or luxury yacht

On this tour you navigate on the clear waters of All Saints Bay, it's time to discover hidden paradises away from the crowds. 

From $150/person . 6 hours