More than beaches & soccer games. Rio is a whole vibe, that will make you fall in love quickly.

Culture & Art

Black Rio: walking tour

Discover the untold history of Rio de Janeiro by an Afrocentric perspective 

in the Port Zone. Let a black person tell you the black history.

From $35/person . 3 hours

Food & Drink

The Dinner: all inclusive

World renowned as a "must visit" steak house. Savor a sophisticated gastronomy and enjoy the atmosphere.

From $110/person . 2,5 hours

Food & Drink

Rio's Street: food & art

Savor the flavors and colors of Rio de Janeiro on a tour of the city's most charming neighborhood: Santa Teresa!

From $50/person . 3 hours


Sailboat: sunset vibes!

Enjoy some of the most spectacular sights in the world from a different point of view: sailing around Rio de Janeiro.

From $70/person . 3 hours 

All Inclusive

Rio Resort Trip

A haven in the lush of Atlantic Forest. Take this opportunity of being in one of the most paradise-like sceneries in Brazil: Angra dos Reis.

From $580/person . 3 nights

Food & Drink

Drinks Up: night out!

If you're wanting to visit the best bars in Rio, getting loads of caipirinhas, cachaças & meeting locals, this is the perfect nightlife experience for you!

From $65/person . 3 hours 


Bird Eyes: hang gliding

Experience the thrill of hanggliding over beauty of Rio de Janeiro! Take off with an instructor and enjoy the purest form of flying.

From $ 135/person . 2,5 hours


Favela: cultural tour!

Venture into a Rio de Janeiro favela with a local expert guide, you’ll nteract with locals and gain a new understanding of Brazilian society.

From $ 45/person . 3 hours