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Center of Northeastern Traditions

The fair began around the 60s, at this time, immigrants from the North East of the country were coming , to work in civil construction. Lively parties started happening, that gave rise to the fair. In 2003, the buildings were removed and in their place, the Luiz Gonzaga Center of Northeastern Traditions was constructed. It containins  around 70 market stalls that offer various samples of northeastern culture. 

During the weekends the place is full of music and dancing. Today, not only the people from the North East attend the Fair - so as to maintain their culture and identity - also tourists, people from Rio and from all over the country go!.

Feijoada & Caipirinha

Feijoada , caipirinha and samba,are the perfect combination. Feijoada consists of black beans mixed with various types of pork and beef. It is accompanied with white rice, cabbage and orange slices , This dish is one of the most commonly eaten meals in Rio . As for drinks , Caipirinha is Brazil’s most famous one. It is made with only 3 ingredients: cachaça, lime, sugar and ice. It is one of the most internationally known Brazilian drinks. Samba is the icing on the cake , it is what adds a great vibe to the party.

Sea Food Barra de Guaratiba

Barra de Guaratiba is a neighborhood situated in the Western area of Rio de Janeiro, still unknown to most tourists . It is located in a nature reserve , between mangroves, rainforest and the “Restingua de Marambaia” -  a stunning, well-preservered subtropical forest. There are many authentic restaurants along the Roberto Burle Marx road where you can eat seafood, crustaceans and fish. It is an opportunity to try delicious cuisine in a peaceful and stunning location.


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