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Trip Experience

East of Rio,  the mountains recede and the coastal strip becomes flatter, punctuated by the sparkling lagoons of the Região dos Lagos (Lake Region) and the dazzling white sands. Some of Rio state’s most beautiful beaches are found here.

Arraial do Cabo city: is a small town famous for the best diving in the state, you also have some stunning beaches there.

Cabo Frio city: is bigger and with more options for the night.

Búzios: with more than 20 beaches, exclusive restaurants and good nightlife.

Favela Experience

In order to demystify the concept of slums as a dangerous place, we offer you the experience to get to know the communities  Rio. Walking through the narrow streets, eating in local restaurants, sightseeing spots, artists and going to parties.  We also offer accommodation in the communities where you can learn about what it is like to live in them, by living with a host.

Want to go to parties in the favelas? Yes, we do indeed offer this service! The parties are unique and beautiful!

Hiking Experience

Rio de Janeiro is not only known for its beaches! The city has many things to do for people who love hiking trails and idyllic scenery, where travelers can explore the beautiful surrounding nature. From easy hiking trails to much more challenging ones, we offer the best experience according to your needs. 


Key Hikes: Trail Dois Irmãos,  Trail Pedra Bonita, Trail Babilonia, Trail Sugar Loaf, The Tijuca Forest Trail.

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