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African Heritage Circuit

Archeological studies and excavations conducted in recent decades - particularly after work began on Porto Maravilha - have shown how the history and culture of Rio de Janeiro´s Port Region can shed light on the African Diaspora and the shaping of Brazilian society. These archeological finds were the inspiration  for create Archeological Circuit Celebrating African Heritage, a collective effort to draft guidelines to be used in implementing policies that will recognize and protect this memory and cultural heritage.

Afro Brazilian Culture

It is estimated that nearly four million of Africans 

enslaved were shipped to Brazil from Africa. Consequently, African heritage is pervasive in Brazilian culture. So, we provide tours that show this combination in Quilombo communities, meetings of Samba Music, Capoeira Martial Art, Jongo  and Afro Brazilian Dance.

Carnival Samba Schools

During the year the Samba Schools of Rio de Janeiro organize events like monthly feijoada with lively samba party and the preparation for Carnival, when people rehearsal to give their best to the parade. This is undoubtedly one of Rio’s traditional festivals that is well worth experiencing in your lifetime.

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