march 07 - 14, 2020

 Feel the Rhythm of Colombia  

Day 01    Welcome Dinner

Setting off with an airport meet and greet the adventure begins!

Our welcome dinner will allow you to feel the energy of the city, whilst tasting the flavourful cuisine of Colombia.

Day 03     Free Day

Time to explore the streets of Cartagena, admire the stunning murals and graffiti in Getsemani, visit the local markets. Don’t forget to go to La Popa hill soak up the amazing views.

Take time to live in the moment.

Day 2  City Tour, Salsa Class & Paddle Sunset

Tuning into the rhythms of the Latin coast, a full appreciation for the history and culture within this region will be born through our dance lessons. As the night falls and the sunsets, we will enjoy a stand up paddle board experience under the stars.

Day 6 Palenque of San Basilio 

Venturing out of the city to an island home to sandy beaches, the bright blue Caribbean Sea, palm trees and fresh seafood!

The most magical experiences on our tour will be as night falls, and we snorkel in the shallow bioluminescence waters. Every move you make leaves a trail of sparkles in the water, from the bright blue light emitted by the bioluminescence plankton.

Day 5  The Totumo Volcano

One with nature as we get muddy in a natural volcanoe mud bath. The volcano mud has healing components good for the mind, body and soul. Time to relax in mother natures spa.

Community impact day. Palenque de San Basilio is a community which was founded by escaped enslaved african. Many were formed in the past, but to the present date only San Basilio has survived. Declared by UNESCO as a ‘Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity’ since 2005. We will be connecting with this community and learning about life in the village

Day 07    Free day!

As adventurous impacters it is now time to reflect on the cherished memories banked together, over our farewell dinner.

Day 08     Hasta Luego, Colombia!

Day 4  Baru & Plankton Night Tour


-Airport Transfers

-Local Tour Guides

-Onside staff

​-Daily breakfast

- Single / twin room

-Fees for activities listed

-Transportation for group activities

-02 dinner & 04 lunches / vegans options available


Not Included


-Meals not listed

-Transportation during free time

-Travel/health insurance

-Passport / visa fees


Payment   Plan available .   Limited Spaces

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