Black Rio:

walking tour


3 hours

Group Size:

Up to 7 people


water & ticket

Rio de Janeiro

Discover the hidden history of Black Rio throught  a walking in the Port Zone, Downtown. Despite the Valong Wharf was the main entrance of slaved Africans and the whole area a slavery trade, the experience also highlights the immense contribuition of African heritage to Brazilian society. The region is now revitalized, on the way you´ll have the chance to click beautiful and instagramable street paintings. Thanks our ancestors! So, come with us to find out more.

This is mostly a walking tour, but even the distance from one point to another isn't that far, it's recommendable to wear confortable.

On the way it's possible to buy water, snacks and souvenir. We think on you: bathroom stop is planned too!

Brazilians love to see people like them, so don't worry if on the way someone smiles, greets or speaks with you, it's all about admiration. Our Tour Experience is shared with other people, if you want a private tour, contact us!

keep in mind

meeting point

The meeting point is at Mauá Square ( Praça Mauá in portuguese) at 9 AM. If you arrive earlier enjoy the views and the beautiful architecture of Museum of Tomorrow. During the day, the area is comercial, so you'll find different types of workers and students, mostly locals. You can Uber, take a táxi or Metro to Uruguaiana Station to get there. Make sure you are going to the right place: See on Google Maps


Water & Ticket.

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