Brazil & Argentina

Bahia, Rio & Iguazy Falls 

may 22 - 31, 2020

Visit  Brasil &    Argentina and one of the seven natural wonders of world

that connect the two countries together. 

Day 01   

Welcome  to Salvador, Bahia!

Beginning of our experience! Welcome to Brazil!

Our team will meet and greet you at the airport !

It's time to feel the energy of the marvelous city.

Open yourself up to this experience!

All of us will get together for the welcome dinner.

Day 03   Cultural Tour

Today we set out to explore the oasis of culture in Salvador. The city was the 1st capital of Brazil and remained so for over 200 years. We will explore Catholic churches & the cultural district of Pelourinho. This city has the MOST African influence in the world outside of the Continent of Africa. Today we will be immersing in Afro Brazilian flavor. This evening we will offer a percusion or dance class.

Day 04    Afro Tour

Rio   de Janeiro!

Our time in Salvador is ending, but fortunately we have more time in Brazil! It's time to venture to beautiful Rio de Janeiro and learning about its Afro culture. We will get to explore the Black History of Brazil by a walking tour in the Port Zone, the area was the main entrace for the millions that were enslaved from the Motherland. Get to go deep into the history that has never showed on travel guides. 

Day 02   Rio  Major Spots

The City is known for its awesome lanscapes. Today you'll see them by yourself. Touring up to Sugar Loaf Montain's top by a cable car;  to one of the new Seven Wonders of the World: Christ the Redeemer statue, plus a stop on the colorful Selaron Steps and at the enchanting Santa Teresa.

Get your camera ready to take awesome pics!

Day 05    Beautiful Rio

Today we will explore famous sights in Rio de Janeiro such, Sugar Loaf , Christ the Redeemer and the colorful Selaron Steps. Decorated with more than 2,000 brightly colored tiles, the Selarón Staircase s one of Rio de Janeiro's most vibrant and striking landmarks, marking the boundary between the Lapa and Santa Teresa neighborhoods. 

Day 06    Iguazu Falls!

It's time to flight to South of Brazil and get to know the increible Iguazu Falls, that connects Brazil and Argentina. This is an experience of immersion in nature through walking in the woods and the proximity of the immensity of the  waterfalls. On this day we will see the joy of the Brazilian side.

Day 07    Gran Aventura!

In a single trip on Argentinian side you'll see the very essence of Iguazu National Park: the jungle and the waterfalls. We'll get into an off-road vehicle and ride long Yacaratiá Path, in the middle of subtropical forest. Once there, we'll take a rubber boat to get to know the core of inferior Iguazú River.  "Being Baptized" in Iguazú waters  and listening to the "roar" of the waterfalls falling is a feeling which must be experienced in order to understand.

Day 08     Back in Rio!

We are back to Rio to enjoy the weekend.

It's your Freeday. Try local food, meet locals, the most important: have fun!

Day 09   Enjoy   Rio!

Locals enjoy the most they can in outdoors activities, we should do the same!!

Caipirinhas  and  beach is always a great vibe so we are taking our party there for a EPIC beach meetup! Pack your swimwear and sunscreen as we kickoff RIO right!

Day 10   !


Not Included

-Airport Transfers

- International Flight ** (From MIA/FLL if selected)

-Domestic Flights

-Local Tour Guides

-Onside staff

​-Daily breakfast

- Single / twin room

-Fees for activities listed

-Transportation for group activities

-01 dinners & 07 lunches // vegan options available


-Meals not listed

-Transportation during free time

-Travel/health insurance

-Passport / visa fees


Payment   Plan available.   Limited Spaces

Partnering  with   

Our trip comes to an end after a hearty breakfast with friends we made during the trip. A full week of living and giving, reflecting on the beautiful memories captured. Hasta Luego!

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