Carina is a Brazilian passionate about travel. That is evident when you talk to her about different places and cultures. Following her passions, she decided to work in tourism. With ten years experience in this industry, travel agencies, events and armed with extensive education and planning, she acquired a complete know-how and vision of the entire sector. Aquarian as really she is, has always cherished the freedom of being, creativity in relationships and changes in time.
With an entrepreneurial vision, she knew that she had to create a project in line with her style
The Black Travelers gained momentum after Carina’s trip to Europe in 2015. During this time she traveled to 7 countries, met many people from different parts of the world and saw some black people, though not many. As a result, she thought of something that could make a difference when it came to connecting black people who travel around the world. Something  which allowed them to share their experiences and offering a differentiated travel service in Brazil to all travelers, revealing its rich culture.

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